Askin Questions


6th Dec 2019, 2:01 PM

Askin Questions

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I'm going to...
Upload every comic here
With the OG author's comic, alt text, and script
Arceus Help me, why am I such a perfectionist?
OG comment:
Okay, this is the only comic made on Ms paint, the others are better
Scruffyeevee, 6th Dec 2019, 2:01 PM Reply   Edit   Delete

first ever :) wack
well this is gonna take a while :,)
Let’s Go reread YAY
Yay it’s c o m i k t i m e
<insert title here> Bam, and the R teleports to Comic fury! Anyway this is nice that the layout of this site is back. I don’t know if it was limited to the guests of the comic(those of us with our a profile) but I was a very boring layout. I am just glad it’s back.
Its funny, we reread AND have to hear scruffyvee say she probly wont get 75 FANS AND SHE HAS ABOUT OVER 4075
I’m so happy you were able to start posting comics again! But know I need to start over with the old style because it won’t let me go on past Shovle
Old fan. I’ve been reading since 2017, and this really sucks. The smackjeeves update, I mean. I gotta bookmark this and make it my most used tab all over again, and not have to get it confused, but whatever. I can deal. :)
AcK remember when this question was accidentally(?) answered/referenced in another comic?
Mah friends I have returned! And I still support I :3 (also I just realised my name is a type of alcohol :/) nobody told meh
I also just wanna say hi

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