Poker face FAIL


20th Jan 2020, 5:00 PM

Poker face FAIL

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1) poor Oliver

2) maybe people were confused about the link to YouTube I posted on the last comic. It was a link to a video where someone tried to beat Pokémon blue WITHOUT GETTING HIT AT ALL. I want to do one in Pokémon let’s go. Does anybody think that this is a good idea?
Author's Comment -This comic took me longer to do than I expected. (Which is why it is 2 hour late)
-Chibita grump is a Chibi grump.
-I accidentally forgot to color some things in this comic TT_TT
-I'm going to start deleting any comments saying they are first comment, second comment, etc. Until someone who has never commented saying it (but, has commented before as a non-guest) gives me a really good reason why I shouldn't.
-I made Dusk, Blizz and Eve in Sims 4! Eve has like, 9 or 10 different outfits.
-Oh! I also made a minecraft Dusk skin. It would be awesome if I could do something like a lets play/roleplay thing with it. alas, my voice is not boy sounding enough *sighs*
-Guest comic next week, because my school's art show is this Friday and I have to finish all 24 AP art pieces by then. I have 8 left!
Pika: You mean 12.
Shut up Pika.

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