Ball Puzzles


21st Jan 2020, 12:00 AM

Ball Puzzles

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I'd like to thank My friend Classy for helping me upload all of the comics so far! Buuuttttt
I am impatient and can't wait until March for all comics to upload, so, things will be HEATING UP
Scruffyeevee, 20th Jan 2020, 12:25 PM Reply   Edit   Delete

Glaceon now=me when playing SSBU on hard mode.
Me whenever I had to beat the Beaver Bother minigame in Donkey Kong 64.
Why not do 10 or 20 a day it make things easier to get done
Das what I'm doing now lol
Author's Comment I didn't get to draw the 3rd comic this week, mostly because the secret took me 3 days to do, the Dawn secret thing (Which I have to finish) and, school.
I use to change the menu thing at the beginning of every new chapter, and because I have time, I'm going to try to start doing that again.... Does anyone remember that? Please say it in the comments section if you do! I also use to draw background eevees I used in the comics on the headers, so, I'll do that if I don't decide to use a theme for that chapter's headers.
Um....oh right! I'll upload an extra comic in Wednesday, or Thursday each week IF I have time. Probably not this Wednesday though, because I have a lot of art trades to do(Well, that, and because I'm graduating High school, but, no one cares about that).
The Design contest's entry period is ending on MAY 31st! Any entries sent after this date will not be judged! Thank you to all who has submitted their entry! The judging period will go of for the whole month of June!
Just in case, BG eevee means Background eevee.... also, how many stars are in the header?
oooohhhhhhh I read the comic like a long time ago then i didnt read it for like all of 2019. so i was re-reading it and back then i didnt know why he burnt the puzzle.
but im NOW realizing that in the fifth panel when he swung the puzzle, all the balls launched out of place.

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