#324- Kinda sorta


1st Aug 2020, 7:18 AM

#324- Kinda sorta

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Scruffyeevee, 1st Aug 2020, 7:18 AM Reply   Edit   Delete

I can talk, surely reading isn't gonna be much difficult-
kinda sorta not really... no
Dean is a bean
I'm hyped for this!
hey scruffy?

Could you do an eevee PMV on the song I can't decide?
cuz I saw it a thought it was pretty cool.
but, um, if you actually do do it. I advise you take out the bad words.

tbh the original version of it sucks...
eveelover173 that's right scruffy, no bad words for the kids reading this. i'm a kid
I second that
Hi people
This is why we sometimes shouldn't ask questions and just go with it.

Also I'm excited for the Meanwhile..
eveelover173 there are more than that meanwile... there's also two more meanwiles with miku/sora and her partner sword going too trainer too see night, her soulmate. i pridect the fucher
Ya-know, I am kinda glad that this chapter is almost done. specifically for the meanwhile comic.
Does Dean not know how to read?
He knows how to read and write lol
What's the new chapter called?
The Meeting
I have not seen Micha in a long time that was kinda my fault tho lol
He'll appear in the next Dusk Sensei comic
eveelover173 when is there going tobe another dusk sensei comic!!!! i must know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excited for the Meanwhile comic!
This chapter is ending?????
Is Dusk still trying to be a teacher? Because it makes sense if he is and if he isn't.
Hey Oliver I’m still single ❤️❤️❤️
Oh!!! Your anatomy for your Eevee designs are looking way more natural and good!! I really like it right now, I hope it isn’t too hard for you TuT im so prouddd
Thank you so much!!! >w<
I'm trying really hard to improve body types in the comic!! ^^
I'm so excited for the Meanwhile!!!!!
Yaaaaaaay! A meanwhile!
Meanwhile is just gonna be more depression
Amazing to look at the first comic then a modern one, the art has improved a lot!
What if you redrew the first chapter of comics?
Naw, I'm fine with the art in the first comic. I am not going to fall into the redrawing page rabbit hole
We need a eevee kintergarden school to alphabetize eveeryone else
Well, 2/4?
Hey! guess what!? N̷̼͚̤̹̭̘̣͋̕͜ô̴̜̞͗̍̈́͛̇̒̊̈́͠t̶̢̤͔̟͈̣͙͍̯́̈́͊͂͝h̷̭̩̬̣̺̬͕͉̺̪̅̃̌͗̌̉í̵̧͍̻͓̤̖̗̗̞͖͈͚̇̈́̎̈́͗̿͆̐͛͘͠͠ṇ̴̨͚͇̜̬̃̌͂̑̈͋͐̑͌͌ͅg̵̢̛̛̮͕͚̜̪̞̟͔̗̐̈́̔̽͊̈̂̅͂̃̿͝
Hey, guess what? Nothing
Hey! Guess what!? Nothing
Hey guess what? Nothing
*activates the unbreakable western cullen hayce electronic bell * *activates the very unbreakable western cullen hayes electronic bell*
( *throws the bells into the lake*
someone finally did it
Finally, characters with green eyes!
*can name several characters with green eyes*
Poor dean ....
Do any of you even know how to read? (The 4 Eevee's thinking) "OOOOHHHH NNNNOOO" Me: oof
Why did the image in the top right corner of the title change?
I'm guessing every time the comic updates to a new chapter, the title image changes as well. Probably a sneakpeek into what will happen next, lol.
When is the next dusk sensei comic
*activates the unbreakable western cullen hayce electronic bell * *Teleports the bells*
*makes the bell not exist*
Ooo, new banner!
Scruffy. 1 (not 1)word. Collab with ES to make the greatest comic
PKM said no lol
Hey Scruffy, what time will you post the next comic?
Its scheduled to go up at 10am est
*activates the unbreakable western cullen hayce electronic bell * *Activates the really Unbreakable Western Cullen Hayes generation 4 type 1.2 Electronic Bell (WC Hayes generation 4 type 1.2 E-Bell)*

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