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30th Jul 2020, 8:30 AM Power in Brotherhoods

anonymous asked:

How does power work in the eeveebox? Are there ulterior motives to how leaders are chosen? Are deputies appointed by the leader or determined by age? Are eevee reps. appointed by the leader/deputy or voted on by the eevees? Do the eevee reps. have any power? If yes, then is power determined by a hierarchy of command? How much power does a leader and deputy have over their own house? How much power do they have in other houses, both how much they say they have, and how much they actually have?

Author chan answers:

*Dynamics as of before the "The talk" chapter*

Eevee box politics is something that will be dived into in the series as it goes along. It’s actually petty interesting. I’ll let you come up with your own conclusions about how “good” the box is being run, or who really has all the power and who doesn’t, or even if someone has ulterior motives, as dynamics will be explained and looked into in the comic itself. (also drama. Mmmm, yummy drama)

Dusk originally came up with the idea of Brotherhoods, and he appointed himself as the leader of Greenpaw. He appointed Bolt as the Leader of the second house, and Flame as the leader of the third, but Flame didn’t want to lead so Dusk gave the leadership to Vay, who also didn’t want to lead, so Dusk had no choice but to give the third brotherhood to Blizz to lead, who was ecstatic. The Deputy position was made originally because Dusk didn’t trust Blizz with running a brotherhood himself. Deputies are appointed by the leaders, and are given tasks to do set by leaders. If for some reason, a leader is not capable of leading, the deputy gains the leader position and can choose a new deputy. Usually the Job of taking care of the brotherhood is split between these two positions, but. Flame literally does no work, Vay also never does any work(even when told), so it was usually all just shoved to the leaders. 

The Representatives are voted into the position by the rest of the eevees, to “represent” them. They usually know a lot about the problems of the eevees, are very social, and work with the leaders to tell them about issues that the eevees are facing, or things they might need. The reps also tend to talk to each other more in general about eevee box related issues.
At the moment, there is a Rep election every 6 months, so the reps can change frequently. But, Eve has always been the icedrop rep and Dean has always been the lightfire rep due to how good they are at their jobs. John is the new greenpaw rep after the old one left the position. There has so far been 3 representative elections in the series, with a fourth one on the way.

The leaders usually have the most power in the brotherhood, then the Deputies, then the Reps, and the normal eevees have the least power. Power is determined by several factors.

1. Position- Obviously. Usually a Rep wouldn’t have more power than a leader.
2. Likability- If someone in the position is well liked, they have more power with the eevees and the other high officials. If someone is not well liked, the eevees/ officials WILL show it.
3. Standing with the leader- The leader gets final say in brotherhood related issues. They also hand out tasks for the deputy to do. A good standing with the leader means a higher amount of power over the eevees in general.

Now that all of that have been explained- Lets delve into the politics.


Every Sunday there is a 2 hour brotherhood meeting, as shown in this comic page

This page actually shows a typical meeting. Meetings are around 2 hours where all the brotherhood officials come together to talk about issues together. Usually this is the only time where brotherhood issues are brought up.

Leaders- Its Mandatory for leaders to go to meetings

Dusk: Almost always at meetings, Will sleep during meetings, and is only actively involved if Blizz is in the meeting or something important is going on
Bolt: Always at meetings, Due to his anxiety, he tends to let Dean do all the talking. Will only kind of talk if more eeveelutions are at the meeting.
Vay: Literally never goes to meetings, has a cardboard cutout that stands in for him. Will only go if Blizz goes due to him being scared of Blizz finding out he never goes to meetings.

Deputies- It is optional for them to go to meetings

????: Due to staying hidden, and his work load, he never goes to meetings, or even knows they are a thing.
Flame: Almost Never goes to meetings. Like, he went to less than 5 meetings out of over 200
Blizz: Has not went to a meeting for a few months due to personal issues with the other leaders. Believes that Vay is going to meetings and doing leader work.

Representatives- It is mandatory that they go to meetings

John: Always goes to meetings, usually tries to talk at least, but usually doesnt unless prompted.
Dean: Always at meetings, Usually is the one leading meetings, talks a lot during them.
Eve: Always at meetings, and usually is the only Icedrop there. Does what she can, but is usually outnumbered. Wishes that Blizz can come back to the leadership position.


Power in the brotherhoods are kind of messed up now, which is on purpose on my part. To give you the basic Power dynamics, here is a cliff notes Version of what eevee has the most to least power in their house.

Dusk has the most power in greenpaw. His Deputy and John’s positions are more for show than anything. 
In the public tho, eevees think that John has at least some power, but no. Greenpaw vees dont need the rep position as much due to how Dusk structured everything. Dusk is very popular within his own brotherhood.

Bolt has the most power in Lightfire, despite gaining massive anxiety due to troll. Bolt is respected, for both his kindness and his work ethic. Dean is Bolt’s right hand man, despite not being the most popular eevee, he is the best for the job, and is seen to have the second most amount of power in the brotherhood. Flame on the other hand, is not really liked in his own house due to literally not ever doing anything, but the other houses seem to respect him just for his position.

Icedrop is a weird case.
With the eevees, Blizz has the most power, yes, even though he is the deputy. Eve has an equal amount of Power to Blizz with the eevees. Vay is literally hated by almost everyone in the brotherhood and has 0 power or influince with the eevees in icedrop, mosty because, Vay hates the eevees in his own brotherhood, and shows hate, negative bias, and general animosity to every Icedrop eevee. It has gotten so bad that, as shown here
Eevees will not do something if Vay was the one who asked for it.
But with the other leaders, Blizz has 0 power and Vay has the most power. Eve has less power than Vay. And this has been the case even when Blizz was the leader, since the brotherhood was made to begin with. None of the eeveelutions listen to Blizz, and that’s kind of a BIG problem ^^;


30th Jul 2020, 8:22 AM Going to start to post more blogs
Well, I guess I have to try and fix the website as well, but I'll be posting more blogs here with detailed explinations of some important World building things that we didn't get to in the 2 years ago chapter due to the SHEER AMOUNT of information I had to write.
If you want to ask me questions to put here, I recommend findng my secret tumblr blog and asking there.
No, not Ask-SSEC, another one.
7th May 2020, 4:34 PM Hi hi!!

Author chan: People have been so nice during all of my hiatuses due to school being literally horrible. It makes me super happy! I saw that quite a few people were politely asking for comics staring Sora or Miku. (Unlike the people who were harassing me for Eevee Academy comics and making me CANCAL it cause they were so RUDE. Yes, I know how to spell Cancelled. 
-where was I?

OwO anyways. Because of all the polite people who were asking for these comics, I’m going to draw a Meanwhile comic staring Sora that takes place in the PRESENT TIME of the comic!!! And it will be a 2 parter! 
I already drew a Blizz meanwhile (guys. I seriously love Blizz. Like. Genuinely. He is best boi. Bolt stans don't @ me.) but, I’ll just use that for the next chapter, cause it's more relevant. Sora’s meanwhile story will continue after that one.

anyways, toodles! Gotta get back to College homework killing me slowly!

21st Jan 2020, 11:41 PM Secret comics updated!
Hey guys! So. I calculated some things, and here is the new list of how many fans- err, I mean subscribers we need for the next secret comic!
I added Dawn and Eve to it too, mostly cause, their secrets were not really about them ^^;
Why is everything so high? Well. I dont really expect to get this many subs ^^; and secrets are something to be earned! Soooo, why not?
The one I am looking forward to the most? The Dusk and Blizz chapter :3c 
Now that. will be some good drama. oml. Which is why it is at an unattainable 7,000 subs lol

[ ] – 500 subscribers – Jolteon 2
[ ] – 800 subscribers - Vaporeon 2
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