#401- Wallin' still??

6th Aug 2022, 11:51 AM

#401- Wallin' still??

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Bolt's face of utter disgust, shock, and disappointment gives me serotonin.
Yes Blizz has been standing there for more than 24 hours.
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Blizz rlly still starring at the wall

Vay deserves to be in prison for making blizz stand there for an entire chapter

Vay owns the prison tho


I feel bad for blizz

Poor Blizz, but atleast he's really focused on one thing I guess

Blizz... We know you are intelligent... Why are you doing this? What exactly will this accomplish? Even if you stand there Vay will still be mad at you... So at least do something to help the brotherhood...

He is really good at using starring hmmm it's a little disturbing

how long has blizz been there???

....did I seriously wait a week for 3 panels?

Yes you did

Same as me


Who’s side are you guys on?




Plz answer me guys 😄

I honestly don't know...I think Vay didn't know it would go this far because Bolt's been a wuss and didn't tell him. Blizz seems too eager with his "responsibility" to think about it sensibly. Either that or he's too in denial to want to think about all the time he's possibly wasted and all of the things he's missed. Including Eve getting beat.

Ask for an answer you get an answer lol

Thanx for your reply 😊

Anyone else?

it feels like blizz had been standing there for over 6 months

Me a lucid dreamer-
Time to do a pro gamer move ( beat vay from inside the lucid dream

The expressiveness of the last pannel got me dead, lmao
I feel bad for Blizz, my back muscles get tired every one hour i'm sit, every day! QaQ
Once the wall arc is over, he's officially taking over the world \o/ can't wait!
Today in Tina's stream she read a previous page where Bolt ate 100 cookies, then he fell asleep for the whole day, and funnily now he's going for a walk.

Wow that puts literally any other vees dedication to shame

Who’s side are you guys on?




Plz answer me guys 😄

(2nd time asking)


bolt is the peak male physique /hj

Poor Blizz

Great way for Vay to get Blizz out of the way

Thank you for the comic Scruffy!! Your art is so brilliant :3

( NOPEs away )

is it just me or does Blizz look like he has to go to the bathroom?

I am on blizz side :)

Stop staring at that wall blizz take more care of yourself lol

Tbh he does look like he needs to go the the bathroom

Ok blizz that’s enough looking at a wall for a long time


crystal: hey guys, wanna play Super Mario 3D Land?
allan: why not?
blaze: sure!
Solarflare: Meh.

Crystal: *wall jumping like mad*
Allan: *spinning around like a Helicopter*
Blaze: *jumping to the sky*
Solarflare: *absolutely wrecking ANYTHING in his sights*
jewel: *sleeping in blaze's tail*
muffin: *asleep on the rug in the sun*
Leafy: *watching all this CHAOS while drinking coffee*
Arron: *playing lets go eevee on his nintendo switch*
stella: watching arron play lets go eevee*

Jenna: pushing black Into the wall and leaves him outside black: is dancing like a chicken for 6 months

* 1 year

Bolt really has no idea how to handle or interact with Blizz does he?


Wait, if blizz will stare at a wall till vay tells him to stop, then who's gonna manage the weather machine;-;

Well they said in a earlier comic that Blizz leaves the wall to change the time of day and weather and such

Hey scruffy cuz u asked in the header: I think it's the type of relationship where you have the same friends/family but barely know each other and are never around to know each other.

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