#1- Askin Questions

6th Dec 2019, 1:01 PM

#1- Askin Questions

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I'm going to...
Upload every comic here
With the OG author's comic, alt text, and script
Arceus Help me, why am I such a perfectionist?
OG comment:
Okay, this is the only comic made on Ms paint, the others are better
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I've been asking this question for years, good to see it finally being agnolegd

( I can't spell )

Easy, they sleep on their sides!

well this is gonna take a while :,)


Indeedily OwO

Even though now it is all caught up >>

Let’s Go reread YAY


Yay it’s c o m i k t i m e


get out of here

me talking to vay is the whorst

Vay is better than you!

Vay is better than you plus your name is trash.

<insert title here> Bam, and the R teleports to Comic fury! Anyway this is nice that the layout of this site is back. I don’t know if it was limited to the guests of the comic(those of us with our a profile) but I was a very boring layout. I am just glad it’s back.

AniMagix Comix has teleported to ComicFury

Its funny, we reread AND have to hear scruffyvee say she probly wont get 75 FANS AND SHE HAS ABOUT OVER 4075


I’m so happy you were able to start posting comics again! But know I need to start over with the old style because it won’t let me go on past Shovle

the old style... right

Old fan. I’ve been reading since 2017, and this really sucks. The smackjeeves update, I mean. I gotta bookmark this and make it my most used tab all over again, and not have to get it confused, but whatever. I can deal. :)

I’ve been reading since uhhh I... Don’t know


AcK remember when this question was accidentally(?) answered/referenced in another comic?

Good times good times

Mah friends I have returned! And I still support I :3 (also I just realised my name is a type of alcohol :/) nobody told meh



I also just wanna say hi


lol this one never gets old

Simple he sleeps on his side!

WRONG he sleeps with his face in the pillow

nope he sleeps sdanding up

Who cares about finding out about how to end the Corona. Blizz is asking the real questions here


...I never thought of that before..

????!? ....?!????

Welp, time to read it all

Good question

vay dont type again kay this is not a joke

wow awesome comic!

Everyone makes mistakes, I’ve had more than my share

any mon a fairy type cause tf you are i'll even jump out a window for reals

Where does the plot start? I am starting now, where should I start?


7 years ago...

Cute lol XD😂 my q

Intresting question. Maybe I should include a Jolteon as well...

*in an alternative future where jolteon didn't even hear the question...*
dusk: *says something intellingent*

We've come a long way, haven't we? You know what? I aspire to make a webcomic inspired by this called "Stupid Short Sudomemo Comic." It features my Sudomemo character, Starbeam, and her two closest friends, Mupdie owned by @mupdie and Aoura owned by both @xcryptivexx and @xkarateduckx

A,azing question I say Amazing question WHAT IS THE ANSWER!

Mmmm yes, time for another shameless binge-read -w-

That is da best question ever. I MUST KNOW

and this kickstarted a chain of events that slowly lead into petty arguing and depression

and this kickstarted a chain of events that slowly lead into petty arguing and depression


I honestly like these drawings more than the new ones

understandable, tbh. It’s got that early webcomic charm

Flame:i've always had that in my mind shock how do you do that? Shock the Jolteon:*WACKS flame in the head*

*wheezes sounding like a teapot while saying "what the fuck"*

Nice... i think...

this is my fave comic!

So this is the first!

So this is the first!

._. I love that, I fell in love like Eeveelution squad but in Comedies version xd


The first comic

.... The fu-

Your awesome Scruffy author-chan

luna:this is where this amazing series started.
Mira: this comic is where ssec started? Cool.

Haha true true

omega Jerry:*uses hyper beam*

d hi

Love your comics

Love it 😄

Love it 😄

No I think the teal? or blue? one is right how dose the yellow one sleep with spikes on its butt

Alpha ryu the skittle rexouium: huh..


All funk how does he sleep

All funk how does he sleep

On his side, idiot. How else?












AU where blizz never asks bolt this

… what is this

Blizz: Hey! Hey! Jolteon! I have a question! It’s a question that will change space and time it self.
Bolt: Oma(oh my aceus)! What is it!?
Blizz:How do you sleep with spikes on your butt?



Eevee veevee vee eevee!
(Best question ever!)

Welll it did change time and space... to make the world stupid the world of boxes in the pc

Spiky jolteon

True , true


Wait are jolteon's spikes really spikes? Or just some fur?🙄

Hello there's! Welcome to the roleplay zone!

Luna: I, luna hereby designate this comic as official roleplay zone!

Mira: now for a lore dump.

1. Fangirl be gone. Gets rid of fangirls. Created by professor aqua (see: remembering sparks)
2. Overpowered be gone: takes away powers
3. Element orbs: grants elemental forms
1. omega Jerry: Jerry with the 6 souls. Annoying.
2. Sunshine: luna's sister. Has destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of steven universe merchandise with only Coca-Cola
3. Mika: no info (yet) might be the cause of some of the glitches in the error saga.
4. Evil temmie: evil temmie

1. Flumbelings; the most common species. These creatures draw power from light, making them very powerful with a flashlight
2. Snidlers; a rarer species. They are very fluffy due to them living in cold climates like cherry woods
3. Foxessu; very eevee like. They live in the moonlight forest mainland. They aren't that interesting
4. Mocchi; smol, monochrome creatures that love to dress up in cute masks and outfits. They don't have much magic, but some non-mages opt to hide glitter blasters in their coats so they look like their casting spells.

[Meanwhile In the Forest of Rexoauria(the overpowered rexouium){a.k.a. the Overseer promethean forest}, the rexouiums, hobkins, protogens, wickerbeasts, and the fennixs have fun in the Overseer Promethean Forest located in promethea(borderlands 3)]
[In Dr.Skyliner's secret base]
Rex the Humanoid rexouium: Dr.Skyliner how is your project going?
Dr.Skyliner the blue rexouium: it's going great rex!
Rex the Humanoid rexouium: okay, also, what is the project?
Dr.Skyliner the blue rexouium: the Overseer Traveling Cybernetic Rexouium!
Rex the Humanoid rexouium: Wow!
[Meanwhile in the void cave]
Shado the promethean rexouium; *builds a home in the void cave of promethea* nice!
Scp-599697 alpha kiroryu the Humanoid monochrome and rainbow skittle rexouium kitsune: so we're be in this cave for 2 days? I'm okay with that. At least we have infinite pizza and Soda!
Shado the promethean rexouium: agree!
Miniature rexouium which is in the Overseer void : ...

Hello there!


N88jdc8dcj8scnuec7dncd7hcnsxfuxkcmemiceimcmeideletececexecemix\》£°》£°\£°♡\°♡\°\》°£\♡°\££●€《°\€¤°€¤\°€¤{pog.exe} ¥》°|》£□|£●|》¥●£》|●□{luna. Exe} delete? YEs. nO💔} °⊙⊙|°|》♡°♤♡◇♧°□°《♤|°|♤《°€《|°€《|《€°|€《°|《€{lancer.exe}{don'tdeleteme.exe} {playeR.eXe} ☆°|♡°《|£°♡|£《|《£|°♡♡|£《°♡|《°£《|♤□£¤{•£《□£《•□£《 □€《•vjntivntjvnvtnivjt it vutunvni

Luna: *rickrolls jayce*

Alpha Overseer Jayce the cute overpowered winged elemental Humanoid rexouium kitsune x: ...

DB001 the unknown rexouium: I'm here jay-
Proto the Humanoid protogen: *pops out of nowhere and scares DB001* WAZZZZZUUUUUP!!!!
Aki the hobkin: .....
Sora[inquisitormaster]: Really Proto!
Proto the Humanoid protogen: sorry Sora! 😅😅😅😅😅
Alpha ryu the skittle rexouium: *uses a chipmunk voice* hi
???: ..........

[A random eevee entered the chat]

[Starlightnexus entered the chat]

Chaos Chaos, losers!

We're alive! Just because scruffyeevee stopped the roleplay on the new pages, doesn't mean We're dead!


Nova: hey Oliver wanna look at my art?
Ollie: sure, why not.
Nova:[shows him terribly drawn scribbles of her mary sue oc]
Ollie:w h a t .

Luna: *stretching*
Mira: *reading*
Sapphire: *setting up a rickroll*
Nova: *chilling in the void*
Sunshine: *chugging Coca-Cola*

Solar the plasma rexouium: [rickrolls Alex(inquisitormaster) and WPS-2810(tornado siren madness)]
Alex[inquisitormaster] and WPS-2810(tornado siren madness): why soler storm!!!!!!

Futurestar cyberspace the humanoid promethean protogen: this is some changes about me and Helios the ultra protogen.
1. We have the last name "Cyberspace".
2. We can travel to other dimensions.
3. We can run faster than speed of light.
4. We are now part of the Rexo squad! (The leader of the rexo squad is H the Humanoid hobkin)

Luna: hewo

Boom the radioactive rexouium: WWWAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does this get lore can this be infinite

Solarstar the promethean hobkin: hi there! I'm solarstar
Kirastar the eridian rexouium(a.k.a. the rexouium of the Slag elemental): and I'm Kirastar
Thermalkirosora, the mega protogen of promethea(thermal for short): and I'm Thermalkirosora, you can call me thermal, thermalfire or kiro!
Sera the flame rexouium: and I'm Sera!
Solarstar the promethean hobkin: And we're the solar squad!
Kion: .....


The wifi sucks.

*lonely quiche noises*

Rex the Humanoid rexouium: *uses Overseer Rexouium X ray of promethea to look for more promethean diamonds* looking for more promethean diamonds in promethea!
Kimba : okay, be careful!
Rex the Humanoid rexouium: okay
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean humanoid protogen: ok I gonna travel to another world!
Helios cyberspace the promethean Humanoid protogen: okay Futurestar! Also can I come?
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean Humanoid protogen: sure!
[Futurestar and Helios cyberspace jumps into another world.]
[In the forest in another dimension...]
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean protogen: wow this is so cool!!
Helios cyberspace the ultra Humanoid protogen: hey Futurestar?
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean protogen: yeah Helios?
Helios cyberspace the ultra Humanoid protogen: do you hear a voice?
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean protogen: yep
Helios cyberspace the ultra humanoid protogen: I think we should hide!
Futurestar cyberspace the promethean Humanoid rexouium: yeah
Futurestar and Helios cyberspace then find something to hide

*finds diamond*

Solarstar the promethean hobkin: *relaxing in the bed*
Thermalkirosora the mega protogen: *looking for Futurestar and Helios cyberspace*
Kirastar the Eridian rexouium: *drinking the rexouium energy drink*
Sera the flame rexouium: *teaching Japanese to other rexouium, hobkin, and Protogens*


(Still sad)

ProtoStar the TTS protogen : hi there
Futurestar cyberspace the humanoid promethean protogen(Offscreen): what the...
Helios cyberspace the ultra Humanoid protogen: shush... wait wut...
ProtoStar the text to speech protogen: this is protogen village or ProtoCity [talking to zach the protogen and Cyberspace the CybeRexouium or CyberRex]
Cyberspace the CyberRex: hola Futurestar cyberspace!
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen: Wassup!

[Meanwhile at Ultra squad HQ.

Cybernetic Ryu the cybernetic skittle rexouium: ._.
VoidSignal the void rexouium: ...
Overseer Leon the fox: .........
Time traveler aki the time Traveling hobkin: huh
Dr.GinjiPlasma, the overpowered: whats going on?
VoidSignal the void rexouium: I think we're hearing things!
Dr.GinjiPlasma, the overpowered: okay?

[Later at ProtoCity...]

Alpha ryu the skittle rexouium: Futurestar... What are you doing here?
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen: we're exploring the new dimension...
Alpha ryu the skittle rexouium: can I join?
Futurestar the promethean protogen: sure!

*lights turn off *

Luna: Who turned the lights off?
Sapphire: we should go to electrical to fix it, since walking around in the darkness is pretty dangerous.

Star: hey! My switch isn't charging!
Neko: the power is out, star. Should go fix it.

(Sunshine has entered the chat)

According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bumblebee should be able to fly. It's wings are too tiny to get its fat little body off te ground. But do bees care? No!

Error: can you not ruin the mood?

Janitor: *sprays maya the sylveon with horny be gone*

Maya: stopping uWu oWo

*loud Enormous explosion*
???: wow that was a very hard landing! *came out of the teleporting space shuttle that crashed into the ocean* um... *looks at the janitor who is spraying Maya with a pepper spray* ... where am I?

???: *finding somewhere to hide*

???: wait a minute, I forgot about my Overpowered abilities *teleports into the internet, as she changes forms into her Cybernetic form* holy (bleep)
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen; what the... [look at the unknown hobkin] this is not an normal hobkin, that is a humanoid Rexouium/Hobkin hybrid that looks like you, Snowey! *breaks the fourth wall
Snowey the snow hobkin: really? *Saw ???* Oh My Rexoauria! You really look like me!
???: yep I do, but I'm a Humanoid Rexouium/Hobkin hybrid with special Powers and abilities. I'm also smart! Also one question Futurestar, did you have to break the fourth wall?
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen: oh (bleep) sorry!
???: it okay Futurestar!
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen: also, I'm going to space again! 😏
???: bruh! Helios gonna find out!
Futurestar cyberspace the Humanoid promethean protogen: oh...

A Humanoid Rexouium/Hobkin hybrid: *came out of the internet world* wow *sees someone who is staring at her teleporting space shuttle* huh

The threat is neutralized owo.

Corrupter the corrupted rexouium: [Alert/Warning] the promethean Overseer squad will be an origin of all creatures hybrids heavy series!


Alpha Ryu the skittle Rexouium: skittles!

Jeuhhdhfhhxsbfhbx hrhysahvhfhsydhfuwwhfhdnchfv bvvjfvnjfnvjfnvfbbbvjvhgtngjvnvjnfjfvfngjnvnvfjngjfnvjfnvjfnjvnvjfnv

Sunshine: if mood ruining is what your looking for, then I will now read the entire script of earthbound!

Luna: oh god noooooooooooooo
Ness: bonjour

The Humanoid hobkin/rexouium hybrid: um.... hi there...

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: hi, I'm Sorakiro, and I am the wickerbeast of the shadow forest!
Sorakira the plasma rexouium: seriously, Sorakiro Onii-Chan!
SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: sorry Sorakira!

Ness: le BONK

Sapphire: *Gets bonked*
Luna: thanks for the block! Gotta go now!

[luna has left the chat]

Sapphire: oh god noooooo now I have to fight him alone *scared Sapphire noises*
Sunshine: never fear, I am here!

[Sunshine has joined the fight ]

[SoraKiro Onii-Chan had joined the chat]

Luna: I'm back BOI

Ness: die
Sunshine: no, I don't think I will.
Mira: [watching the fight and eating popcorn)

Oh god the boys are fightinggggggg [laughter]

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: yep...

*dancing in the void*

Lucas: ness what are you doing

Ness: bonk bonK BONK

Ness: slam slaM SLAM

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: (what should I do...)
[I/]Rexoauria[the rexouium of Overseers]: you could mine some diamonds (if you want to)[I]
SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: sure Rexoauria!

[Still sad -_-]

Ness : uwu bonk (bonks maya)

Lucas: alright imma head out

Maya: hey! Don't leave! Stop this barbarian!

[Angry sylveon noises]

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: *uses shadow Eridian blast on Ness, then went invisible*

[Sorakiro Onii-Chan left the chat.... (for now.......)]

[SoraKiro Onii-Chan joined the chat]
SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the Overseer Humanoid wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: hi luna!

[Unknown Error Detected]:


[ERROR] [File: Unknown hobkin corrupted]

Unknown hobk1n: hello? Is anyone here...... Sorakir0 Onii-Chan.... are you there... [GLITCHING]


[Unknown Error 404] [Super Unknown glitchy hobkin not found]

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: SoraStar?
<[Rexoauria: what wrong, Sorakiro Onii-Chan?]>
SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: SoraStar, he's here!

[Sorakiro Onii-Chan's log 10045]
I just found Sorastar's message in my computer, he's in the shadow forest, which is my home forest. Now I need find where he's at. This is Sorakiro Onii-Chan signing out!
[End of Sorakiro Onii-Chan's log 10045]

Luna: hi

Luna: ok ness is gone, we can go back to doing what we were doing
Misty: ayo im back what happened to u.
Luna: the series was rebooted. We all got redesigned.

Misty: Okey

SoraKiro Onii-Chan, the wickerbeast of the Shadow forest: umm.............................................................................................. hi there

Sora5tar the hobkin of Spectral forest: Sorakiro Onii-Chan!!! [Glitching]


[Sorakiro Onii-Chan the overseer Traveling wickerbeast of the shadow forest has fainted]


Sorastar the hobkin of spectral forest: Sorakiro Onii-Chan? Wake up Sorakiro Onii-Chan! [Glitching]

[Sorastar fainted]

Alpha Overseer Jayce the cute overpowered winged elemental rexouium kitsune x: ...

Yeah ! How DO you sleep with spikes on your butt?



Spirit: *yeets Misty into the void* ok now that all the old characters are gone, can we begin the next arc? I
Luna: only if the other people agree with it.
Sapphire: I really hope the angst steers clear of me.
Amara: dOn't count on It.
Mira: you are you?!
Amara: I'm the villain from the error saga, idiot.
Luna: wait, I thought fatal error deleted you!
Amara: nope

Amara: I got into here through the hole in the forth wall that your friend made.

[The rexouium/hobkin hybrid brought back Sorakiro Onii-Chan's little brother]
The rexouium/hobkin hybrid of the Sorakirostar planet[ now confirmed as Solaris the humanoid Rexouium/Hobkin hybrid girl: Actually I'm a rexouium/hobkin hybrid that is named Solaris, also my origin is unknown!
Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid: also I'm from the Rexoaurian Sega! I live in planet sorakirostar! And I look like snowey the ice/flame hobkin, well apart from that I have really comfortable clothes on........ well that was a uh....
Kirosor4: thanks for saving me Solaris
Solaris: you're welcome [also my powers and abilities are really advanced]
Sorakiro Onii-Chan: wut :D

Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid girl: *fixes the fourth wall by using Overseer solar wave*
AlphaRyu the skittle rexouium; uh...
Kirolight the android rexouium: let's do it
Light the blackhole hobkin: not without me!!
[Light the blackhole hobkin, and Kirolight the android rexouium looks At Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid]
Kirolight the android rexouium: bruh
H the Humanoid hobkin: what about me?
Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid girl: one more thing *her eyes glows spectral green as she looks at amara* *use spectral beam at amara* *then she traps amara into the gamma sega*

Jewel: that’s starting to get me thinking... how does bolt sleep with spikes on his butt?
Arron: Magic.
Jewel: ok?

Luna: a question as old as time and cheese


Please stop spamming

Miles: *hops off the school bus* hello moonlight academy! It's been a while hasn't it! I have an old friend I want to visit *hehehe*

Sunshine: *chucks coca cola bomb at jayce* yeeeeeeeet

Eevee luna: *watching the chaos*

Melody: *eating cheese*


*drinking the coca cola*

Amara: *watching the whole thing*


Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid: hi there!!

Jayce 1: also hi Solaris!
Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid: hi~

Alpha supreme overpowered Overseer Jayce the cute overpowered humanoid winged overseer elemental rexouium kitsune X [superior form] (jayce 1) 《final phase》: *reflects the coca cola bomb using water barrier* [also Dr.Skyliner let him copy his powers and abilities] "I'm back from the solar realm!(his realm) Also, seriously Sunshine?"

Sunshine: yes

All Acording to my keikaku (it means plan) to make sunshine burn down the moonlight forest!

holy *****************k that #$#$^%^#$%#$#% question

*a loud explosion occurred as a space shuttle crashed into the ground*
???: uh... wh...what happened...
Kirastar the Eridian rexouium: hi, I'm Kirastar, what's yours?
???: I..I'm flare and I'm a hobkin
Kirastar the Eridian rexouium: uh..... •_• hi f...flare ^_^'
Minty the humanoid hobkin girl[in Flare's mind]: hi~
Flare, the overpowered ultra Humanoid winged hobkin: [talking to himself] Minty, seriously!
Minty the peppermint hobkin: hehe~
Flare, the overpowered ultra Humanoid winged hobkin: Minty shush
Minty the humanoid peppermint hobkin girl: no u!
Flare, the overpowered ultra Humanoid winged hobkin: ..........................

*joins the tposing*

Ayo I'm back

Wait is that another me?


Melody: *does the open sesame tofu dance*

Luna: oh the heartbreak of a small nerd faced with the cruelty and callousness of a world where reading on the back of a moving vehicle will give you motion sickness.

Mira: when will Ted himself, finally show up to the talk?

The final boss

Hey! Are you guys fighting in the hall??

Sunshine: oh no, it's the masked man! We better get to class before he pulls out his lightsaber!

Very funny, sunny, but I am the hall monitor and while it is easy to make comparisons between the student council and the pigmask army, we only want to enforce order and stuff in the school. NOW GET TO CLASS!

Good job, masked- I mean Charles! Yeah yeah, great job you get a gold star...

SlimeBall the Overseer ultra humanoid green and purple slime hobkin girl: *goes to the class room where Luna is [as a ball of green and purple slime* *transforms back to normal* hey everyone!

*leaves the room*

*enters the room* ayo boys!

Ok now to get back to terrorizing- I mean, helping people in the hall

Luna: ok

*opens book of memes*

Ms. Polly: ok we are going to watch this show called funtime: rock and learn. Please don't start a riot over this, cuz this is painful enough already.

*show starts playing* yooooooooo it's dj linguistics, and this
My rockin friend, wordsworth! My name is wordsworth and I'm here to say
I'll teach you to write sentences the easy way! *starts breakdancing* "go words worth go words worth!


*hears all the cringing* glad I noped out of there! *nervous laughter*

*rushes out the door*


*suffering of cringe induced asthma attack* WHEEZE

KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme superior Overseer ultra Humanoid extreme winged redux hobkin: *riding on a rollercoaster in Dr.Ginji, the overpowered's secret base underneath the school* WOOOOOOOOO!!!
Dr.Ginji, the overpowered: I'm glad you like it KiroRexius UltraStar

*slices up the roller-coaster*

Olly: *shudders* this show has caused a great disturbance in the force!

This is so NOSTRUL!

Izzy: for the love of God this show is for 2 year olds!!!

KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme superior Overseer ultra Humanoid extreme winged redux hobkin: *teleports into cyberspace that leads to the computer that the show is playing*

Kimba the white lion: *breaks the fourth wall*

Luna: they'd have to hold the voice actors at gunpoint to sing this song.

Ms polly: *falls asleep*

the Hobkins
Hobkina the little hobkin: hobkin hobkin! [Hi there!] *sees KiroRexius UltraStar in the computer* hobkin? [What?]
Soappy the light blue hobkin: uh.. KiroRexius UltraStar?
KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme superior Overseer ultra Humanoid extreme winged redux hobkin:yeah?
Soappy the blue hobkin: why you in the computer?
KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme superior Overseer ultra Humanoid extreme winged redux hobkin: I dunno
Soappy the blue hobkin: ....

Alex[inquisitormaster]: hi
Soappy the light blue hobkin: Holy [bleep] hobkina!

Luna: ok I got a plan to stop this. After school, everyone has to go and report rock and learn. We'll need everyone report together to pull this off, but I think we're all desperate enough.

Mira: let's get recruiting people to stop rock and learn!

I'll join!

Me too! We hate the funtime!


If claus is in, I'm in!

Let's get reporting already!

Nope! If we launch our rebellion with only 7 people, we'll be crushed by the school council! We need more people.

*eats a KitKat wrong*

Spirit: let's go recruit some of the other kids in the school! (NOT Charles of course, he'll rat us out in a second)

Hobkina the little hobkin: *listening to the NOAA weather radio to be on the look out for bad weather*

Soappy the light blue hobkin: Hobkina Soleris, is that a NOAA weather radio?
Hobkina the little hobkin: yep! Hobkin! [Translation; I'm on a look out for bad weather!]
Soappy the light blue hobkin: oh okay?

Supernova the Overseer ultra Humanoid nova wickerbeast of space: *predicting space weather*

Michael: *joins him instead of helping the rebellion*

*kisses wordsworth*

Percy: *reading a book on pranks*
Luna: hey Percy! You want to join the rebellion? We're gonna defeat rocking and learning!
Percy: you didn't even have to ask! This show is nostril!
Patch: me too!
Sprout: me three
Claus: I've already joined before you three!

♡¤《€¤♤■□}●5●5●5●{°{}•}•€¤€《♤££《£《£《£《¤}{•|°{°□}•}¤€¤♡《{•□{°{helpmeeeeeee¤€♤•□□{°{}•€¤■€€}}¤}}■€¤¤}}¤}¤•{{°{•{•♤♡¤《♡》◇{□□°¤♡¤€}•°●\~☆~☆~▪︎▪︎^▪︎□♤◇¡¿₩¥£□\^~~▪︎⊙•¤♤□●□♤¤♤¤}}••}{•{°|{□■♡♤¤♤♡■€■€€¤■}•°°●\⊙⊙\○□¤}€♤♤££♡8£♤}6}•°⊙⊙°•}€¤€■€€♤♤€♤€¤€€¤€¤€¤《¤♤•}}•°•°•••°°°°°°°°°°••°•°°•°•°•°°°°▪︎●□■•}}•{•|●●⊙~○○⊙•° x xvx□\□\□\●~▪︎●~▪︎○^~~^▪︎▪︎●••••••••°°°{■¤€€¤£♤■€□}}□}□€■€■}□}□□}}□€■£♤£♡£♤¥♡¥》》¥¥♡£《《££¤€¤•}□}■■€€

Ok I'm gonna go visit the 8th grade to see if anyone is willing to join. *adios*

Swift: I'll join!

Damien: *hears about rocking and learning from the middle schoolers* oh so it's cocomelon but worse. I see I see eeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeee

how does jolteon sleep with spikes on his butt?

Hey wanna join the roleplay?

•♤•♤■°♡□♡€□□♡♡•□♡□♤□♤□♤°♤♡□€□°}{●{°○°●•●•□□¤□¤{¤□°°\°○°°●°●●2•\\□{}6♡€♡€》♤■¤{••|¤{■□■5|•|•|□|°||□■■■•||•●•|□●\●●°°\°°\○\□□\□3□3□3□33|3|2|3|3|£€♡¤♡♡¤♡•♤°°♤♤°}□}●€□£■■€■€♤•♤□□€€□€□€●}●□♤€□□♡€□€□€□€□€□□♡€□♡■€□□€□€€□€□€□€□€□€□□♡•♡■♡♡•£■⊙■}●♤•♡•□}♤¤□{♤¤°●□ xdhvyjjjh

Please leave.


Moonlight forest lore because yes
The kazoo of doom: a harbinger of chaos, a bringer of plot, a destroyer of worlds, all in the small form of a kazoo. Many people wonder why it was created, but there are no answers only kazoo.

Flare, the overpowered ultra Humanoid hobkin [in the background]: HHHHEEEEYYYYOOOO!!!!

Luna! Plz stop if you break tok many holes In the spacetime continuum, the universe might break!

Kiro the aqua affinity hobkin: sorry😅

Aki the hobkin: *appears out of nowhere* HEYO!!

Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid girl: *fixed the fourth wall again but by using solar powerstar* ...

Kimba: *Rickrolling Overseer* lol
Overseer the ultra Humanoid extreme winged hobkin: HEEEEYYY!!!!
Crystal the crystal clear hobkin: *Rickrolling Sora from inquisitormaster*
Sora[inquisitormaster]: why!!!
Flare, the overpowered winged Humanoid hobkin: *Rickrolling Himself*
Steve[borderlands]: Heyo!
KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme superior Overseer ultra Humanoid extreme winged redux hobkin: *Rickrolling kimba*

Luna: *death glares Charles*


Mira: e


DJ SoraSora the redux hobkin: hi


Luna: welcome!

Nova:I got eeby Deebied into the void
Chrissy: I used to be the main villain but I got reduced into a throwaway villain because the paint girls and Amara exist!

I don't feel bad for either of you lol

Luna: ok, I think it's time to start reporting. We have 60 kids from each grade, and that's a lot! Let's save our brains!

DJ SoraSora the Humanoid redux hobkin: *is actually making remixes of the music*
Kimba: .... How....
Supernova the ultra Humanoid nova wickerbeast of the space: now that's cool SoraSora!
DJ SoraSora Humanoid the redux hobkin; thanks!

Let's gooooooooooooooooo

Can I make a request? I would like to see Vapy again. He's funny :3 Tq 😅

Best comic!


Ok now we have another thing to worry about; her turning into a red panda.

Sapphire: (reports rockin and learning)
Mira: (reports rockin and learning)
Luna: (reports)
Percy: (reports)





Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid girl: hi again!!!
Jaxx: hi
Kiro the aqua affinity hobkin: hi
Sora the ultra Humanoid tropical rexouium kitsune: *Rickrolling someone* lol

*reports and rickrolls*

Flareluna the levitating redux hobkin: hey everyone!
Power the electric redux hobkin: *gives kira the hobkin a hug*
Kira the hobkin: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Power the Electric redux hobkin: oops!!!

Luna: (hugs)

Skyline the redux hobkin: ....
Hobkina the little hobkin: really?
DJ SoraSora the redux hobkin; E OWO
Electro the electric hobkin: EEEeeee-
Lightingstorm the weather Redux hobkin; Wazzzuuuuppp!!!

Luna: We did it boys, funtime is no more!

As much I hate to admit it as a member of the student council, funtime was pretty hard to learn anything from.

i spy roleplay


KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme Humanoid redux hobkin: Heyo!!!


omg i luv that show on yt

Ah yes, where it all began like a legend


Blizz is so stupid why!?!?!?

Blizz is so stupid why!?!?!?

KiroRexious UltraStar the supreme Humanoid redux hobkin: hi again

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