#160- Vic

21st Jan 2020, 10:00 PM

#160- Vic

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Author's Comment I was supposed to draw Daisy's job, but, now I can't yet, cause I made a story in this chapter (That doesn't make any sense) Oh well, I'll draw it later! Poor Daisy though. She never gets drawn, and the only times she does get drawn is when I feel like making Vay miserable. (And, we all know how much I love making Vay miserable.)

Eve's eyelashes keep disappearing and reappearing. LoL.
Even though I drew Sans on this page to help me remember, I once again forgot Papyrus.

*digs jake and eon's graves*

Why does vic looks like he's going to kill the eevee knocking on his door on the first panel?

because he will, with a few exceptions

Ok. Thanks.

Panel 1 "I can tell you a certainty that" "there are things on this planet worth protecting!"
"What do you know about the Earth?"
"Apparently more than you you clod!"
Panel 1.

panel 1 if this is a joke ill kill u son of a muk

Whats with the face in the begining

I think I might know the reference, I just dont know yet.

Olly: I feel scared for all eevees

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