Houses Explained

22nd Dec 2019, 6:00 PM

Houses Explained

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Author's Comment No, Dean is not their father (Even though he looks old, he's actually younger than most of them). Also. Fred. I didn't know he was quirky until I named him. Oh what fun we will have with him.
I was about to put background eevees in this, but I didn't have enough male eevees from Lightfire and Icedrop.
Oh yeah because this is not really a comic, the regular comic will be uploaded tomorrow.
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hey it's Miku

“Shut up” Vay shouted “And I mean it!”

Question: if i were an eevee, would i be able to go to Lightfire cuz im a girl but i want to go to lightfire?

I’m in icedrop with Vay

Jolteon's "two annoying problems" I guess is wimp and troll

Question time! Can female Eevees join Icedrop or Lightfire?

i vote for icedrop

i am a huge fan scruffy eevee

Dean is mean! Dean is mean! Mean is Dean cuz Dean is MEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAN! My dean=mean cheer cuz he kinda a jerk

the cat so I love that

Replying to @SylveKit: Wow so true

Take Dean and take out the d and put in a m, so what do you get? MEAN

I'm a Greenpaw'er-

Hehe every time I come to this page when rereading I don't read it I just skip it.

houses explained vote for icedrop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

houses explained vote for icedrop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vote Icedrop

vote Icedrop

Olly: I'll go on Icedrop just because I dont want to fix Dusk's 4th wall breaks.
Olivia: I will Lightfire because it sounds cool and because Flareon's tail... IS SUPER SOFT!
Echo: ......Greenpaw..... Im a umbreon so.... Also sorry Dusk.
Lana: Icedrop.

What Pokemon is Olly?

Shut the frick up

Wow you have a account and you don’t even know which one is olly. So impressive.

U know Olly Blizz from Icedrop also punches walls and breaks them

laughs in greenpaw secret floor

I choose icedrop even though light fire has the coolest name

No icedrop is waaaaay better name than lightfire bolt17. If you think lightfire is better than icedrop
You are so wrong


U cant do that we have our own opinions

I choose Greenpaw

I choose all of them idk why😐

Dean is right about one thing, we are primates, meaning we are related to apes ( gorilla's, baboon's, chimpanzee's, etc.) and monkey's, and lemur's (Primates from Madagascar, an African island.) bushbabies ( a relative of lemurs.) etc which means we are also mammals! you can search the word mammal on GOOGLE.

That's true. It's an fun fact.

That's true. It's an fun fact.

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