#328- Break till July 23, 2022

14th May 2022, 10:46 AM

#328- Break till July 23, 2022

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*clap clap* Alright! Explanation time, so I'm making a FAQ


When will SSEC come back?
Hopefully July 23, 2022. But Earlier for Patrons ofc, who will be seeing extra content during this time period hopefully.

Why is SSEC going on such a long break?
1. SSEC is going on such a long break because of a few reasons.
2. Drawing super long detailed comic pages weekly is detrimental to my health.
3. I dislike my art style and I want to work on it.
4. I need to update the comic's formatting/scripts in general to be less demanding.
5. There are several SSEC related things I need to work on that I can't really do right now due to how long comic pages take to draw weekly.
6. Personal reasons UwU (I wont tell you if you ask smh. Ya Nosys.)

Will Eevolves still update?
Yes. Eevolves will keep updating 3 times a week until the Prologue(Episode 0) is over, where it will then switch to another schedule.

Is Eevolves the reason why SSEC is going on Hiatus?
No. Eevolves starting right before SSEC is going on break is 100% a coincidence due to SSEC's chapter timing. Eevolves pages also take wayyyyy less time than SSEC pages.

Are you ever going to open commissions?
HA HA HA HA NO. IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, I WILL NEVER AGAIN OPEN THEM AGAIN. I HATE COMMISSIONS WITH A BURNING PASSION. *PTSD flashbacks of multiple commissioners telling me my art is bad and wrecking my self esteem, including people I look up to.* YES I AM SALTY AND WILL FOREVER BE SALTY, THAT IS WHY I AM SAYING THIS HERE PUBLICALLY! ALSO WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS SEEM TO HAPPEN WHEN I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MY ART??? WUT???? *FLIPS TABLE* Don't ask me about commissions. nO. bAd. StOp. /hj

What is Eevolves?
Eevolves is the new comic series that I recently started! Since it’s not a traditional type of comic, I am not planning on hosting it on Comic Fury (currently it’s on Twitter and Deviantart), but I will upload pages of it here during the break for you guys to have something to read while it’s going on! (Ofc, these pages will be deleted after the break is over)

Why have there been so many breaks?
I only take "breaks" during holidays, when I had finals at school, or have had legit mental breakdowns. This is the first break that is to improve the series so how bout you let me do that and stop complaining about the free to read webcomic going on hiatus. >:V

Can you add my character to SSEC?
No. Stop asking. Become a Patreon then we can talk about background eevees, otherwise No.

...Can you add my character to Eevolves?
No cameos will ever be in Eevolves. (EXCEPT MAYBE background eevees on the MEL that have a checkmark in the "EA" column. And no. I am not accepting more of these, don't ask.)

Do you take requests?

Why are you being so meannnn? I just want my super mega cool Red ringed umbreon OC with super cool time traveling and immortality powers in your comic or drawn for free!!! QAQ
Lol ok that just made it a MEGA no.

If I see more questions, I'll add it here!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ -^^-
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First lol


Second :")

Oh well, enjoy your break scruff!! ^^

wait where tf is eevolves at

Eevolves is being posted on her deviantart!

i dont mind the wait, please take care of yourself!!!!

Take care of yourself indeed, but also about how long is an eevolves comic page? For reference can you tell me a comic number of ssec so I know about how big a page is?

4 panels max per page ^^

well its a good comic but still............................................................................ WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT A BREAK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

chilll, she deserves it.

vay is clearly amazing-

take as much time as you what also don't listen to the mean comments I think your amazing

That’s ok. Take all the time you need we can wait.

Enjoy your summer Scruff. P.S. Whoever said Scruff's art is bad deserves a punch in the face!

i hope you enjoy your break! :D

WHAAAAA?!?! A BREAK?! NO! NO COMICS ON SATURDAY!? (to me it’s Sunday because I live in Australia 🇦🇺)

Shut up, she needs a break. She’s a human, not a robot comic maker to make you happy

Exactly! ,:(

...kinda wishing she was TT^TT

What IS Eevolves?

I wait ALL week for a comic, soooo, uh… how many weeks would i have to wait?

In comic 388-Deserves Better,in da lazt panel, Vay looks like a girl + why is this comic number 328? Comic 388, Deserves Better, it’s number is 388, but why is this comic 328? Not, 398?

Shut up


probably a typo

WoT is de password ending?

There’s none

1.That first pannel has a artstyle that reminds me of faci's
2.The third eevee in the second pannel is very sus ;v
3. take your time ;)

umm it says on brake after the next page

so is the next page this one or is thar one next week

sorry I'm confused

I would like to say (f#@* you) to the people who or just horrible in the comments if you don't like something walk away don't tare them down

sorry people made you fell bad sruff

Face it Scruffy, you’ll never finish this comic. I’ve been reading it since 6th grade, and I’m a sophomore now. The breaks have just been getting longer, more often, and less exciting. This comic is just a pain for you. It doesn’t bring in a good income for you and it’s years away from being even remotely finished, you said it yourself. Just end the comic so we all can stop getting our hopes up.

Well that's just harsh and unwarranted. If you want to stop getting your hopes just stop reading, but saying it like this is discouraging to the artist and hurtful.

There have been webcomics that have running more than two to three times as long as this one - such as Twokinds.

Clearly you don't understand how crazy long art takes. Shes actually making very good time with this. Posting it every week must be crazy hard, but she does amazing on the drawings everytime, anyways. You're being unreasonable and ignorant, and this comment is completely uncalled for. If you can't handle being patient, stop reading. And if it really is too hard for her to continue, then she can stop for her own sake and not because she keeps "getting our hopes up."

People needs breaks you idiots. Scruffy already worked hard enough on these comics to make us happy and she’s deserves to take a break. Even if it’s long

Awwww Izzy's soo cute

Scruffy, why do you need to redesign?

She said she didn’t like her current art style and just wanna improve it more

That one important question from a fangirl May I know if I can submit fan comic During the period of time? Also, I already love ur art but… I am excited to see it! Also enjoy ur break and cu soon . Wait wait um may I know where the evolves are? Can I have the link please? Thanks sooooo much ur literally my idol. :)

eevolves are a seperate comic she makes on deviantart

Yeah you deserve a break ! You work so hard and your Art is amazing !! Don't listen to the people who say your art is bad , they deserve a punch like @Mr. Guest said !! You are awsome Scruffy !!

Will there be guest comic submissions,I’m willing to do one it’s my dream to do one.

Have a great break!

Aight, time to watch more kirby the god killer videos

That's too bad, about the Commissions I mean, I've commissioned a few pieces (from someone else) before and, even if they didn't turn out as I had imagined, I never complained. I mean, why can they complain, you draw WEBCOMICS, they can SEE YOUR ART STYLE before they even ask for a commission!

Your art ticks off enough checkboxes that, in my book, it is a bit tragic that you don't offer commissions, but hey, you do you bud.

man i want more comics

Welp guess you just have to wait, besides she already worked hard enough to make these comics

SHUT THE F@&* UP!!!!!!!

Ayo, calm down just go read some other comic while Scruffy takes a good well deserved break


Yo stop and go sleep on some grass. Scruffy needs her break and if she doesn’t get a break means no more comics, okay? good

*CONTINUES TO WRECK EVERYTHING* * DOES MANIACAL LAUGH* HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaH ... *goes berserker* HaHaHaHaHaHaHaH you little B*$&H SHUT YOUR F$#*&@G FACE OR.............. I'LL................KILL.....................................YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayyyyyo look, an angry smol snapping turtle! how adorable! *kicks turtle*


you cant kill people through screens y'know?


Eh :P


@speedy the jolteon

Everybody gangsta till they get banned-

gangsta gangsta, okay but seriously, no need to be rude @speedy the jolteon, people need breaks. So go and chillax.

aren't you nine or something? Get anger management or something, you people need to stop being rude. Not even the author of the comics curse too, so why are you cursing?

Hope u fill better and get back to make your wonderful comics and as for those who said your art is bad well for this many people reading it I disagree your is not bad


@ZackGOD i agree

@Arron the Vapoureon da name of de Umbreon is Dusk

Scruffy you made a mistake I think...
The page number is 398 not 328...

I'll fix it!!! (when I remember)

Ok good to know



Glitchy KiroRexious UltraStar the ultra superior Humanoid redux hobkin kitsune: *goes into his glitch form* h1 3v3ry0n3
Error KiroRexious UltraStar: ... §hèèśh
Glitchy KiroRexious UltraStar: shush the sheesh
LunarRexious UltraStar the supreme Humanoid redux hobkin girl: brother seriously.......
KiroRexius UltraStar the supreme Humanoid redux hobkin: sorry sis -_-

at last i meet you speedy

a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!


Take a nice break for as long, Scruffy! We’ll wait ’till you’re finished having a break!
Scruffy, are u a student?

Who is Pinkeevee222? Also, remember to finish/fix the comic 3!

pinkeevee was her old user



Hey guys? How do you change your username on comic fury? LMAO


@speedy the jolteon

*proceds to yeet you out of the comments*

No one does…..except you

Yeah, don't curse so much in the chat that how you get banned

You go Scruffy. Take all the time you, this is your comic after all.

I had finals and summer nonsense to take care of so I hadn’t caught up in a while, and as such I don’t mind the break cause I just read like five pages at once :p
I really enjoy your art style but I look forward to seeing how it grows 👀

bye bye butterfl- i mean random kid who is cursing, and who i wanna yeet out of the comments-

@Scruffyevee Uh…did u forget to draw Vay’s frill? Vapoureon are supposed to have a frill

read ALL the comics, and you'll understand my cupcake

vay doesn't have a frill, guessing your a new reader?

yeah, Vay not having a frill is part of the plot

ScruffyEevee I think you are a great artist! Your comics are amazing and you are helping me be a better artist! I will wait triumphantly for the return of the comics!

KiroRexious UltraStar the supreme Humanoid ultra redux hobkin: *starts playing the shooting star meme then runs off laughing*


Bro like

I’m a level 1/0

So get on my level *flexies*

oh did i say 2,000 i meant 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

your logic is *BOOM*


_YES_ _NO_


you people really don't know pokemon logic huh..

enjoy that break. Scruff!
I hope to see your cool comics soon

i heard Yellow and Sakura bullying my sister and its not her fault our parents went in divorce and that messed her up entirely.
Flow is a shiny umbreon and is possesed but it only takes over sometimes.
She is currently level 940 but in her possesed form shes level 5,002,666. Don't copy my sisters idea either, or you'll regret it.

LunarRexious UltraStar[KiroRexious's sister]: hi

This drama is hilarious, but how old are you guys anyway? The way you chat you sound like 8 yr olds... LOL, just enjoy the comic people like seriously.

yup i do love my drama and if your are younger than 13 you should stop reading but i cant stop you

Well That was not suspected hmmmmmmmm ._. Hmmmmmmmmmm I can’t tell or is it just me or do I have covid

@Speedy the Jolteon Why are u even so mad I don't get it ?
And Indeed drama is awesome but if there is to much then it's to much

t Ime for Eevolve archive oh BOY

I just had an Idea ... CAN POKÉMON GET COVID !!! 😱

No, because of 4 reasons:
1) Arceus exists and could legit just will covid to disappear forever and it would.
2) I'm pretty covid has very rarely infected animals, so Pokémon would most likely be fine.
3) You've gotta take into account the Pokémon who simply cannot get sick because of their typing, such as steel, ghost, and poison types (maybe maybe not on the poison types, tho; I'm just assuming that diseases and illnesses would count as poison, and therefore poison types are immune). Porygon, Porygon2, and PorygonZ would all also be just fine, since they're legitimately digital (you'll know when covid has mutated to go thru the internet to infect and kill us when Porygon start getting sick and transmitting covid to us; you'll also know that we'll all be screwed when that starts happening).
4) vaccinations and masks can always help with preventing getting covid. gud luck trying 2 get mask 2 put on ur Crawdaunt tho LOL.

and if Pokémon are getting infected by covid and dying or nearly dying from it, then there's "praying to Arceus to get rid of covid forever" is always an option! except for those of little to no faith. shame on you, you know who you are.

To let y'all know, I LOVE THESE THINGS!
My brother is 12 by the way, but he acts like a 9 year old for some odd reason :/

Imagine a commissioner telling you your art is bad. They're the one that asked you to draw it, which means they clearly can't draw themselves and are being super arrogant. Also, your art is amazing and they are ridiculous!

I just noticed I spelled yellows name wrong I said speedy because if the comic I read lat year lol

what did you read pl tell I'm bored.

Why redesign cause when other comic or animators redesign they come out kinda worse and hard to get used to (just saying)

Not all redesigns are bad, everyone just got opinions on it

Enjoy your break!!!! See you in July!

have a great break scruffy!

“meanwhile…” page is on deviantart

Your artwork is great. I wish I could do that.

Noooooooooooo! I love your comics

HELLO. i am new to the comments

hi new person!!

sun: what do we do here? moon: we just talk about the comic sun. (i think)

Solaris the rexouium/hobkin hybrid girl: hi there

I get sad every time you go on break because I love reading your comics. You're such a cool person, so you deserve your break anyway. SSEC will be even better when you're finished redesigning! <3

sun: hey scruffyeevee is that right what do we do here just read the comics? moon: sun i told you already YES!!!!!!!!!

Fan X : Hi I'm fan X the Fennix, and I have a scarf
Ali: Fan X also I'm ali the avali
Surfer: hi I'm surfer the protogen!
Kiroauria; and I'm kiroauria the Rexouium girl!

sun: hello new friend! moon: *in creepy voice* hello


Hey I'm like Scruffy! I also hate something with a burning passion: pikachu.

I could go into some serious stuff regarding why that is and stuff to support it, but I won't.

Frankly, Eevee are way better.

Yes but no

The “Red ringed umbreon” part is too specific for it to have not happen


Pls make more


Second one

I've experienced

I had another account I forgor the pass and user

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